Custom Coat of Arms Invitations


Update: This design is now available to order online as part of my customizable wedding collection! Check it out here.

I was so inspired by Brianne and Andrew’s request for an invitation suite featuring a custom coat of arms. I think my exact words during our initial consultation meeting were, “I am INTO IT.” Which was an understatement because I was actually SUPER INTO IT, but I was trying to play it cool so that I didn’t weird them out.

Brianne and Andrew both have an extensive background in arts and literature and had already done the research about the meanings behind various symbols, chosen which ones were meaningful to them as a couple, and compiled them all into a sketch which I used as the basis for the design. They wrote their own motto, Friendship Through Passion, Love Through Understanding, and had it translated into Latin by one of their professors.

I worked closely with Viva La Diva Events, the event designer, to ensure that the look and feel of the invitations was cohesive with the event design. The suite consisted of a single invitation, dressed up with shimmer envelopes, diy lace liners (flawlessly executed by Brianne), and an embossed seal on the back flap. We carried the coat of arms all the way through to the day-of print material, including it on the cocktail napkins, favor tags, programs, and welcome sign. Brianne and Andrew’s love of literature was integrated into the signature cocktail menu and table numbers featuring favorite quotes.

I think it goes without saying that I absolutely cannot wait to see the photos of how it all came together. Brianne and Andrew, congratulations and thanks for inspiring me