Free font round up

Welcome to the first ever SIBLING blog post! In early January, in between designing my logo and building this site, I indulged in a significant amount of hours searching for free fonts and tweeting my finds from the @SBLNG twitter account. Adding some fresh finds to my font library was just what I needed  to energize my creative drive for the new year. Since most of my friends still aren't on twitter (you're missing all my good jokes), I thought compiling my finds for some blog posts would be the perfect way to break in the new site. Here's the first round up of free (or nearly free) fonts to be loved, used and shared.

Free Font Round Up


1. Fat Boy by Paragon| 2. Lavanderia by James T. Edmonson | 3. Aguadulce by Luis Vicente Hernandex Gonzalez | 4. Pompadour Numerals by Andy Mangold | 5. Nelma by Missy Austin | 6. Turnpike by FontDiner

*Some of these fonts ask for a donation, I encourage you to contribute an amount that you think is fair.