Free font round up

Free fonts It's crazy beautiful in Ann Arbor this week and The Loudest Bird In The Forest has returned from his winter escape to the woods behind my apartment. We have crocuses sprouting, tornado warnings, and yesterday I even saw someone grilling outside - spring is here. And yet here I am, sitting inside at my computer with a mug of hot tea, collecting fresh and pretty fonts to bring some spring to your font library. I'm dying to get outside for a long walk so without further adieu, here are the links for these free (or nearly free):

1. Neo Deco by Jonatan Xavier | 2. Geomancy by onebyfour studio | 3. Absinthe by Franck Trebillac 4. Bradstone Parker Words by Intellecta Design *costs $8 | 5. Matchbook by One by Four 6. Matilde by typedepot