Tree Farm

Those of you who follow me on facebook, twitter or Instagram know that I have really been working at documenting my work and learning how to use all the manual functions of my camera.  I've also been trying to take it with me as much as possible outside the studio in the hopes that if I use it enough, I will magically become better at photography. Isn't that how it works? These are some photos from our trip to Braun's Trees last weekend to get the first real tree either of us have had since we were kids. It is already up and decorated because we don't mess around when it comes to holiday activities (truth: we killed three cartons of soy nog last week). Speaking of holiday activities - don't forget that Detroit Urban Craft Fair is this weekend and Tiny Expo in Ann Arbor is the next. I have some new designs and hope to see some of you!

In my mind I was picturing a snowy landscape, but I guess these dried weeds are kind of cool..